Sports injuries


Sports injuries are common, especially in high intensity sports like football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer. Elite sports injury clinics are amongst the best prepared places to handle these types of injuries, but they are also useful in terms of pain management. Many types of injuries related to sports heal with proper cryo and cryo t-shock treatments.
For sports injuries, localised cryo is the only one possible and available treatment to be done.
Localised cryo and cryo t-shock are manually applicable without any special restriction to all kind of people since all functions and effects are strictly controlled and observed from the physiotherapist or the physician. This is why, localised cryo and cryo t-shock are widely usable and could be largely effective and relief from pain and inflammation can both be seen and felt immediately.
Localised Cryo and Cryo T-Shock therapy has a number of effects on the human body both immediately after injury and later in the rehabilitation process.

Pain relief
Cryo and Cryo T-Shock provoke a range of mechanisms including the following ones:
– A decreased nerve transmission in pain fibres
– Cold reduces the activity of free nerve endings
– Cold raises the pain threshold
– Cold causes a release of endorphins
– Cold sensations over-ride the pain sensations – known as the pain gate theory
– Fast exchange between cold and warm causes local vasoconstriction and vasodilatation
– Cold and Warm cause oxygen augmentation and metabolism has been accelerated for reducing inflammation