Studies show 85-98% of women have cellulite. First of all, cellulite it’s not excess of fat; cellulite has nothing to do with weight. Dimplappearance you see is the result of fat cells pushing up against the skin over the fibrous connective tissue bands.
Pregnancy and an inactive lifestyle may increase the risk of developing cellulite.
Many people dislike the appearance of cellulite and prefer to have skin as smooth as they possibly can.
Fat deposits that push and distort the connective tissues beneath skin cause the appearance of lumpiness, leading to the characteristic “cottage cheese" changes in the appearance of the skin. Physicians refer to cellulite as edematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy (EFP). So, practically, cellulite is made by different components such as inflammation, liquid retention and fat deposit.
This is why, the usual cryotherapy while it may reduce fat deposits, it does not reduce the appearance of cellulite.
CRYOTSHOCK is made by alternating cryo and warming steps into the same session for improving drainage, reducing edema removing fat deposit, stimulating connective tissue. So, CRYOTSHOCK is performing a more complex action for getting in touch with the different tissue layers for increasing collagen production, improving the appearance, texture, and elasticity of the skin and meanwhile reducing edema, liquid retention and removing fat.
CRYOTSHOCK is favoring the elimination of liquids in excess and metabolic wastes occurs through a natural re-absorption of the lymphatic system. Alternation of cold and warm is causing an increase of hyperemia, drainage and oxygen plus improvement in skin permeability.


It has been shown that, under carefully controlled conditions, the subcutaneous fat cells are naturally much more vulnerable to the effects of cold than the surrounding tissue. Exposure to cooling by energy extraction causes apoptosis of fat cells, a natural process, which leads to controlled cell death and subsequent and gradual elimination.
This process lowers the temperature of fat cells targeted at between 12 and 17 ° C. It is a safe, painless and non-surgical alternative to liposuction.
Basal Metabolism is influenced by temperature variations induced by the CRYOTSHOCK results in an increase in the BM of 13% per degree centigrade. Dynamic and controlled thermal shock of CRYOTSHOCK is a form of energy with proven biological effectiveness, which, when administered and subtracted in a controlled and combined manner, becomes the most advanced Non-Surgical answer to Body Shaping, Fat Reduction and Younger Looking Skin. Smashing and melting of hardened connective tissue with the consequent metabolic block of subcutaneous fat does not occur through the administration of medicines, but thanks to the natural energy and micro-massage, which concentrates on the first 2/4 cm of depth, where fat is located. The results that the CRYOTSHOCK achieves also applies to the skin. It immediately improves appearance by tightening skin and causing a healthy glow.