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Coupling hot and cold thermal energy (cryogenic and hyperthermal) is the most natural and effective solution in the resolution of pain and inflammation.
The CRYO T-SHOCK 4.0 offers the possibility to treat these issues in the acute, pseudo-acute and chronic phases, delivering immediate relief. Subsequent applications will stabilize treated area as the body creates physiological conditions for “repairing itself" and the lymphatic system drains damaged tissues, thereby reducing inflammation.

Natural Energy capable to accelerate healing process

The application delivered by the CRYO T-SHOCK 4.0 originates from the bodies natural instinct to resort to cold or heat in emergency situations to maintain homeostasis. Alterations, unrequired imbalances lead to pathology with its evolution; healing is the return to physiology, to homeostasis and is accomplished with different compensation mechanisms Cryothermokinetics, composed of alternating heat and cold streams, delivers benefits to chronic conditions with a high tendency to exacerbation, such as arthritis, degenerative joint diseases and tendonitis. By modulating these hot and cold temperatures at various times and temperatures in specific series the CRYO T-SHOCK 4.0 delivers immediate and long lasting pain relief. Thanks to rapid temperature exchanges, microcirculation and connective tissue can also be stimulated. The hyperthermic heating cycles followed by a resting phase, stimulate the opening – closing of the small vessels, optimizing revascularization.


Sports injuries are common, especially in high-intensity sports such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer. Sports Medicine clinics are among the best prepared centers to manage sports injuries and deliver effective pain management.
The CRYO T-SHOCK 4.0 benefits delivered by the
CRYO T-SHOCK 4.0 are highly effective in relieving pain, increasing mobility and decreasing inflammation immediately after the injury and during the recovery phase.
The CRYO T-SHOCK 4.0 can be used to reduce pain and increase flexibility during stretching and rehabilitation exercises.  After a series of treatments, over 90% of patients achieve a noticeable improvement in flexibility and decreased movement-related pain. Localized CRYO T-SHOCK 4.0 treatments are applicable manually without restriction as they are easily controlled and observed by the operator.

Acute and Chronic Traumas

Therapeutic treatment with cold often prove to be the best first-aid therapy in the event of trauma. Additional benefits can be derived from using the CRYO T-SHOCK 4.0 for numerous other applications. Cold can also be applied in the period following an surgery. For example, Anterior cruciate ligament (LCA) lesions are very common. It is estimated that the annual incidence in the general population is 68 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and the causes are probably due to excessive demand for performance.